Apprendre les sciences de l’Ingénieur en faisant !

Les Sciences et Technologies de l’Industrie et du Développement Durable au Lycée Couffignal de Strasbourg

Enseignement Technologique en Langue Vivante

Les sciences et technologies de l’Industrie et du Développement Durable en langue vivante Anglais ou Allemand (1h/semaine en I2D classe de 1ère et 2I2D classe de terminale) !

Article mis en ligne le 8 mars 2021
dernière modification le 2 avril 2022

par Didier S., François C.

ETLV is a team-taught technical language course that all STI2D students take in their last 2 years of high school (in both Première and Terminale) in the language they have chosen as their LVA (either English or German). The one hour per week course allows students to acquire general technical vocabulary and to improve their foreign language skills using a project-based approach. In ETLV English class, students prepare projects involving themes from both the LV and the i2D curricula.

One recent example of this is a project on Assistive Technologies in which students were asked to reflect upon how technology can create a more inclusive society by empowering disabled people and allowing them to function more independently.

The project-based work is often preceded by skill-getting language activities (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, vocabulary work etc.) to prepare the students to discuss the topic during the next phase – skill-using activities. This second phase often takes the form of an oral presentation, the goal of which is to improve LV speaking skills while also working on the oral presentation skills students will need for the baccalaureate exams, post-secondary studies and their professional careers.


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